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Cloud Myth - Why do you expect to pay less for the Cloud?

Written on November 13, 2015 at 11:47 PM By Tony Trajceski

The perception of the Cloud is one of the most varied in the IT world. The one that seems to ring true with almost everyone is; "the Cloud will be cheaper".

But Cloud isn’t cheaper, and Cloud shouldn't be cheaper, so why do we think that?

To put that statement into perspective, let's take a look at what a good Cloud Provider should offer:

  • A fully managed platform
  • Management for all 3rd party applications installed on the Cloud Platform
  • Highly redundant servers
  • High security environment controlled by both hardware, software and complex networking protocols
  • A second live Disaster Recovery site
  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world as if you were sitting in your office
  • No ownership of data is transferred (this means the provider cannot use your data for “research & marketing” purposes)
  •  You data stays in the country you intended it to be in

And that’s just what the good ones provide as a minimum.

Now I would bet that your old servers, coupled with your current ‘IT support’, would only be able to tick maybe 2 or 3 of the above items. Yet why do we expect to pay less than what we do right now?

That is where perception is the problem, and to be honest, some ‘IT people’ out there have not helped the situation.

Some IT vendors are too focused on the latest gadgets with the newest technology, and while they are great at making the new stuff work, only a few of us actually ask the question "will this suit my client’s business?" or “what is my client trying to achieve?” before making a recommendation.

It's no secret that consumers are getting smarter when it comes to IT, more and more of you are asking "what will this do for me?", and so you should. If you are working with the right IT partner, they will tell you right away how their recommendation will improve the bottom line of your business.

If the Cloud Platform is right for your business, it won't be seen as a cost center. The Cloud will be seen as a way to enable your business to grow current revenue, reduce costs (downtime is a good example) and create new revenue streams that were not possible with those servers sitting in the corner.

Next time you look at a Cloud proposal and wonder “why it isn't cheaper?” ask yourself why you started looking at the Cloud, and then ask why the IT person sitting across from you didn't make the solution relevant to your business goals.

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