Hold up...the Cloud is doing WHAT now?

Written on September 26, 2014 at 11:17 AM By Strategic Group

Although it’s been around for decades, Cloud Computing really didn’t become a ‘thing’ in the business community until 2011. Enabling businesses to rid themselves of the peripheral responsibility of IT, the Cloud quickly became a covetable corporate accessory.

Changing Cloud rhetoric
A few years on, the Cloud rhetoric has shifted gears from “Less time on the business, more time in the business” to something even more exciting.

While the time and cost efficiencies afforded by the Cloud remain a big part of its allure, we are now seeing clients leverage the disruptive power of the Cloud to conquer brave new ground and solve the unsolvable.

Turn your IT cost into an innovation investment
Moving away from the traditional way of doing things can be challenging on many levels, but it’s almost impossible without a technology platform that supports you.

For example - When it comes to Cloud computing for accountants, VAULT is as popular as an ice cream truck on a hot summer’s day. Shameless plugs aside (we built VAULT), the reason accountants chase us down is VAULT'S unparalelled security. Because our accounting clients have had a secure cloud infrastructure to work from, they have been able to:

  • Establish a secure outsourcing platform – by having staff based offshore working off the same secure system as Australian staff (and the data never leaves Australia).
  • Develop a new ‘Virtual CFO’ revenue stream - by embedding staff within client offices.
  • Access nimble, low cost collaboration applications such as Lync to create innovative training solutions
  • Offer flexibility and improved lifestyles for staff who can now work from anywhere, using any device, to access everything.

Our CEO, Chris Boswell covers these in more detail in this MYOB ‘Technical Update’ (case studies start at 11:14).

The benefits of the Cloud are undeniable. So why isn't everyone in it?
The question we typically encounter (right after ”So…what actually IS the Cloud?”) relates to security. Where does the data go? Who owns it? Does it leave Australia? Can the Cloud be trusted?

The answer is both yes and no. There are ultra-secure, Australian built and owned options on the market, however not all are built equal.

It’s important to research providers and remember that as a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for.

Weigh up the cost of your provider against the risk and repercussions of a security breach to your business. A low-cost option may be easier on the wallet in the short term, but how would your clients react (and your cash flow suffer) if you experienced a breach?

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