New VAULT Feature - Microsoft Lync

Written on May 13, 2014 at 01:31 PM By Strategic Group

Strategic Group are always looking to improve VAULT based on suggestions and needs of our Accounting Practice clients. Over the years, a few of these improvements have been;

· iPad and iPhone access to VAULT

· Android Access to VAULT

· VFX (our large file transfer system, our equivalent to Dropbox)

· Mac Access

· UAG (connect to VAULT from any web-browser to have complete access to all of your files and applications)

With remote access so easy in VAULT, our accounting clients have been asking for a conferencing platform that would allow them to better engage and share files and information with their customers and staff.

To cater for this, Strategic Group have chosen Microsoft Lync as VAULT's video conference and collaboration platform and today we are adding this to the MYOB Cloud Partner offering.

Microsoft Lync will allow VAULT users to;

· Instant message - Send quick messages to other Lync users in your network rather than an e-mail

· Instantly Show Presence - Lync will tell you when a user in busy, out of the office or free to chat as it integrated with your Microsoft Outlook calendar

· Share your screen - Allow another Lync user to see your screen, you can also give them control of your screen if you choose

· Share an Application - You can share an application, such as PowerPoint or MYOB, to other Lync users to collaborate. Our clients have been using Lync for MYOB training to thier remote offices

· Video Conference - You can have "one to one" or "one to many" video sessions between users (when using equipment that is compatible with Lync video and audio conferencing)

· Invite clients to share Lync experience - A Lync user can invite a non-Lync user to connect using the on-line Lync web client

Lync is available right now for VAULT clients, for further information about coming to VAULT and sharing the Lync experience, please contact us at

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