Holoportation, what's next?

Now we can Holoport, what's next?

Written on April 19, 2016 at 09:00 AM By Emily Gam

So now that Microsoft have unveiled their latest technology, called Holoportation, what is the next step?

Granted Holoportation is Microsoft’s first array into 3D holograms, but the question begs to be asked; if research and development give us a commercially available Holoportation technology, what can we do with it?

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"Imagine using this type of capture technology to connect with family members who are thousands of miles away," says Microsoft's Research's Shahram Izadi, adding that it could "fundamentally change the way that people will communicate in the future".

Not only could this technology make it easier to communicate with your loved ones, it has the potential to completely change the way we work.

Imagine walking into an office where there are people and holograms interacting and working together, or a centralised office, with workers all over the world.

You found your dream job but it’s in Brazil? Just holoport to the interview and then work from home. Or as a company, you’ve found the person you want to hire but they don’t want to move? Holoport.

What if you could drop in on multiple clients throughout the day that are located in different cities, the time you’d save would be astronomical, not to mention the cost of travel.

Holoportation is only in its very first stages of development, but it is looking promising. While we may not be able to Holoport around at the moment, we can still utilise collaborative tools like Skype For Business. Skype For Business may not allow us to become a hologram (not yet anyway) it still allows for instant communication, whether that’s between different office locations or increasing engagement between multiple clients.

Collaborative tools like Holoportation and Skype For Business will change the way we collaborate with both colleagues and clients, it could mean a higher level of engagement with clients and the ability to work on high level services. Just imagine the information sharing between teams that are located of different sides of the globe, and the positive impacts that could have on a business.

The ability for people who previously did not have the means to travel, to visit anywhere in the world, or work from anywhere, will mean we will truly belong to a globalised world.

Holoportation is such a huge jump from the technology we have at the moment, and it could be arriving sooner rather than later, just remember when you’re working from home you’ll need to put on pants.

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