Reimagining the fax machine with email faxing

Written on April 08, 2015 at 10:52 PM By Strategic Group

For most businesses, scanning/email has superseded faxing, however faxing is by no means obsolete. Incredibly, some recent research suggests that there are 130 million fax machines still in operation globally and more than six million still being purchased annually.

Bridging the gap between fax and email are a range of email faxing (e-faxing) services that enable users to send and receive faxes via their email. This is particularly good news for those of us operating in Cloud based or paperless offices.

Say goodbye to double handling

E-faxing services are typically subscription based and the benefits include:

- Improved workflow efficiencies (reduced double handling of documents),

- Enhanced data security (faxes delivered directly to intended recipients),

- Low maintenance compared with fax machines which require cartridge changing or can dry out if used infrequently,

- Fewer problems than USB fax modem alternatives.

How does it work?

Depending on the provider, an e-faxing service can be integrated with your existing email and/or accessed by logging into an online portal.

For example if you use Outlook, you would ‘fax’ a document to fax number (02) 4967 5435 by addressing a new email to 0249675435@”your e-fax provider”.com.

E-faxing providers vary according to many variables including price and security. Two providers we have heard good things about in Australia are Icommo and eFax.

Contact our helpdesk on 1300 857 748 or if you need further advice or help finding an e-faxing provider to meet your needs.

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