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on February 02, 2017

Are you guilty of bad tech habits? Perhaps the routine placement of your coffee cup is one wayward hand gesture from a single origin laptop Armageddon. Maybe you don’t habitually lock your screen when you leave your desk, risking unsolicited desktop ‘redecorating’ or mischievous phantom emails sent from your account.

We’re all guilty of bad habits - with the busy end of financial year upon us we’re cracking down on those that reduce efficiency. Using a mouse is sometimes a great way to make your work take longer than it needs to.

Check out these typing shortcuts:

  1. Move to the beginning of the next word using Ctrl + Right arrow, alternatively move to the beginning of the previous word using Ctrl + Left arrow.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow will select the word behind the cursor or Ctrl + Shift + Right will select the word in front of it. To extend the selection in either direction (select multiple words) select Ctrl + Shift and continue pressing the arrow key in either the right or left direction.
  3. Never be lost for words again with this thesaurus shortcut - select your word (you can use the above shortcut!) and hit Shift + F7 to activate a thesaurus pane on the side of your screen.
  4. Easily switch between applications (for example email, internet browser, word) using Alt + Tab.
  5. Take pity on the backspace button, rather than hitting it repeatedly to delete a word letter by letter, simply use Ctrl + Backspace to delete the entire word (this will delete the word behind the cursor).
  6. Protect the security of the data you are working on by quickly locking your screen when you’re away from your desk. Windows Key + L will do this in a flash.
  7. Ever closed down a browser tab by accident before you were finished with it? Easily resuscitate it by hitting Ctrl + Shift + T.

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