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Professional animations without the Hollywood budget

Written on October 06, 2015 at 09:00 PM By Tony Trajceski

A great 30 second animated clip give prospects a good overview of who you are, what you do and allows you to inject a little of your businesses personality. Up until recently, you needed the budget of "Toy Story 3" to be able to product a professional animation that you could share across your social media channels.

Animation websites allow those of us who have not won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film to look like professionals.

Today we take a look at one of our favorites - GoAnimate (www.goanimate.com).

GoAnimate provides you with a wide variety of templates and animation tools that mostly involve picking the right "look and feel" and using your mouse, you are able to drag elements and characters around so they can come to life (not in the evil zombie way, unless your business was called "Zombies-R-Us", which in that case is exactly what you want)

The easiest way to start is by picking a template, there are a variety of business friendly ones that you can start with and tweak in almost any way you want.


You can then drag around the characters, make them sit or stand or make them interact

GoAnimate 2

You can add then add the different slides to your "video timeline" at the bottom of the screen to create your "storyboard" when you play the "storyboard" you can see your animation.

GoAnimate 3

You can also add music or a voice over also to make sure your business or product is presented in the way it should be.

GoAnimate is a great tool, it requires little skill or talent but you have to be prepared to spend a bit of time to make sure you get right message across.

Who knows, if you spend enough time with GoAnimate, the red carpet of the Oscars might be your next stop (or sales, actually increased sales should be your goal).

We decided to give GoAnimate a whirl, and try our hand at making an animated video about our Cloud Storage Solution VAULT. Check it out below!


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