How to choose the right technology for your business

How to choose the right technology for your business

Written on October 19, 2016 at 08:42 AM By Emily Gam

Many business owners are often torn about adopting new technologies and whether it’s riskier to adopt new technologies quickly and possibly compromise on ROI or wait and potentially give their competitors a head start.

No wonder business owners are confused when there are seemingly endless new product announcements all proclaiming how great they are and how much they can improve your business.

While picking the right technology can increase productivity and profitability, choosing technology that doesn’t fit in with your business can have the opposite effect.

So how do you decide what technology is right for your business?

Have a plan

This sounds like pretty basic advice, but many businesses don’t have a list of criteria or any kind of plan when they start looking at technology solutions. Before you start looking, make sure you really understand the problem you are trying to solve, what are your basic requirements?


UX stands for User Experience and is a huge factor is selecting the right technology for your business. You can buy the latest and greatest, but if staff struggle to use it you’re only shooting yourself in the foot. There is no greater irony than implementing technology that is meant to improve productivity but ends up slowing staff members down.


The right technology is one that suits your business today, and tomorrow.  The technology you implement needs to be able to scale, whether in 2 years you double your workforce, or halve it, the solutions need to be able to change with you. There’s no point implementing the perfect, yet rigid technology now and having to do it all again in a few years because it isn’t scalable.


The old saying ‘time is money’ is as relevant as ever and if it takes you an age to be able to access your new technology then you’re throwing money down the drain. Can you access the software from anywhere or do you need to be tied to your desk to use it? Good technology should be ready when you are, wherever you are.

Partners not suppliers

If you’re looking to make ongoing decisions about your IT strategy and want a forward thinking approach to technology and solutions then you need to consider the relationship you have with your IT supplier.

A partner that understands your business will make tailored recommendations and enable you to make informed decisions that enhance your business.

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