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on June 10, 2015

With the arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 it’s now possible to achieve high-end video footage on a smartphone. An increasing amount of corporate videos are now being shot this way.

These smartphones deliver better white balance or neutral colour cast (providing more accurate colours), larger apertures to better cope with low light and to enable you to achieve that high quality ‘shallow depth of field’ look and never before seen clarity.

Invest in a tripod (even slight movements can be distracting and reduce the perception of quality of your video) a smartphone tripod adaptor, a decent lapel microphone for talking head applications and make use of natural light and you’ll have all you need to produce a talking head style of video.

But I’ll need a creative agency to make it look legit

Perhaps…creative agencies are experts at helping you translate information into content that amazes and excites, however this expert guidance will come with a price tag. If you don’t have the budget for agency support, invest an hour or two planning the piece before you start rolling.

Know what you want to say and get to the point quickly

Think about what you want to say, write yourself a script and edit, edit, edit until you are succinct and to the point. Digital audiences have short attention spans and will not sit through thirty seconds of rambling/introductions/explanations of why you’re making the video. They get it – that’s why they clicked through. Keep your video short, ideally under two minutes. If you have a lot of material to cover, consider breaking the content down into a series of smaller videos.

Consider your background

If you’re filming a talking head the most convenient location (your desk) may not be the most appealing or engaging for a viewer. Aim for a clean or interesting background that complements your content and remember natural light is your best friend.

Think about where the ‘talent’ will be placed within the shot and the angle at which you will film them (eg. shoot too low and suddenly you may be dealing with additional chins).

Two things you should never do

Shoot vertically – most video is presented in widescreen format so ensure you shoot horizontally for a premium look.

Use the phone’s zoom – move your phone to the subject or subject to the phone instead of zooming. Zooming with smartphones just enlarges the picture digitally, which means you will quickly enter the world of unsightly pixels.

What about post production?

Nothing beats editing video footage on your computer. iMovie for macs or Windows Movie Maker for PC’s are free and reasonable options to start with.

Happy filming!

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