It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Written on September 10, 2015 at 03:14 PM By Tony Trajceski

For those of you who are Apple FanBoys (and girls) this is a safe place, you are among friends.

It has often been referred to as the 'Church of Apple' and if that is the case ,then, this morning a sermon was delivered that foretold of the second coming……..of the iPhone6.

There have been more predictions around the iPhone6s, some seems plausible others, we're the stuff of dreams. To recap, some of these rumours were;

  • It would be called the iPhone 7
  • Larger Screen
  • Smaller Screen
  • Cheaper iPhone (HA!, thanks AUD$)
  • Battery will last for 2 days
  • Wireless Charging
  • Sapphire Screen
  • iPhone will bounce and not break when dropped (ok, that wasn't one, but how good would that be!)

But very early this morning (AEST) Apple CEO Tim Cook strolled on stage and released the details of the new device that people will once again be lining up around the world for.

Tim also gave us a look at new "iPad Pro" (look out laptop's) and the new Apple TV and I'll be taking a look at these closer to their releases

History showed us that the iPhone6s would look the same as the iPhone6 but a new "killer" feature would be introduced;

  • iPhone3 was a new design, iPhone3s looked the same, but was faster
  • iPhone4 was a new design, iPhone4s looked the same, but introduced Siri
  • iPhone5 again was a new design with the iPhone5s introducing finger print recognition

And so the tradition continued in the next generation device

I did have an iPhone6, that was until my wife dropped her iPhone6 into a pool of water (pool = toilet) and being the amazing husband I am, I gave her mine and returned to my trusty iPhone5s.

We now know the iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus, look very similar to the previous iPhone, they will have faster processors (A9), better cameras (12 Megapixel with a 5 Megapixel FaceTime camera) better Touch ID and Rose Gold joins Space Grey, White and Gold as color options.

But what are the features I'm most looking forward too?

3D Touch

3D Touch first appeared as "Force Touch" on the Apple Watch. Using 3D Touch, the iPhone can tell how hard you are pressing on the screen and will perform a different task depending on what application you are using at the time. 3D Touch is designed to make using the iPhone quicker as pressing harder on the screen gives you access to great shortcut menus or "peek" into other Apps

3D Touch

Improved Camera (12MP iSight Camera)

I'm certainly not what you would class as a photographer, not even as a hobby, but the iPhone makes taking good photos and "happy snaps" so easy. The inclusion of 4K video means that all the cat videos on YouTube will come to life in stunning high definition. The front facing FaceTime camera is now clever enough to use the iPhone's screen as a flash, very exciting for those of you who love a good "selfie"

Live Photos

Typically when we take a phone we get a still image of what we were pointing at. Now, with Live Photo's, when you take a photo the iPhone extends the moment by a very small amount of time. The outcome is that when you show the photo on your iDevice, you can press the screen using 3D touch and the image comes to life as it shows the moment you captured that image

Overall, is it worth the upgrade? Well, for those of you who haven't given your iPhone6 to your partner in the ultimate sign of love, no, wait for the iPhone7 and get the new form factor with the added features. Me, however, I'll be in line.

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