MYOB extends support for Server2008r2 & SBS2011

MYOB extends support for Server2008r2 & SBS2011

Written on November 11, 2016 at 02:24 PM By Emily Gam

UPDATE: Support from MYOB for Server 2008r2 and SBS2011 is now ending soon. Read our updated blog here to learn more.

MYOB yesterday announced that they will be continuing support for Microsoft Server2008r2 and SBS 2011 for a further 12 months until December 2017.

The announcement was made by MYOB yesterday afternoon and is in response to Accounting Firms requesting a longer time frame for migration from old servers to newer technology.

MYOB are still encouraging accounting firms to upgrade their servers from 2008r2 and SBS 2011 as the technologies are aging and mainstream support will be ending.

MYOB are still discontinuing support for Windows7 and Microsoft Office 2010, so will no longer support any clients running their software on these applications.

"... by running your practice on software that isn’t covered by mainstream support, you’re introducing an element of risk into your own business. When Microsoft ceases mainstream support for a product, it ceases to fix anything other than security issues with a technology," MYOB warned.

MYOB have extended their support to Microsoft Server2008r2 and SBS 2011 as a courtesy to firms that may need to budget two to three months to migrate, especially if they are large and complex accounting firms.

What options do you have if you’re running either of these severs in your firm? MYOB have bought you some more time but eventually this update will need to be performed. You can either upgrade to a new server (and prey there’s not another ending of support around the corner) or move to a cloud platform (that will manage all future upgrades).

Moving to a new server and installing the latest software will solve your problem in the short term, although there will come a time in the next couple of years where you are faced with the exact same problem.

Moving to a Cloud platform like VAULT, will mean that all upgrades are taken care of externally. This means you continue to get the latest technologies without having to waste time every few years on upgrades. All updates are taken care of outside of business hours so there is no downtime and IT support is 24/7.

It’s important to keep up to date with end of support lifecycles, and your technology in general. Not upgrading doesn’t just mean you don’t have the latest shiny toy, it could be creating a huge element of risk in your business.

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