Siri could be giving out your personal infomation to strangers

Siri could be giving out your personal information to strangers

Written on March 01, 2017 at 10:07 AM By Emily Gam

For better or worse, our phones are like mini extensions of ourselves. They have our contacts, photos, conversations, music, banking details, frequented locations and whatever else is convenient. Most people are cautious about this amount of personal information and do the smart thing and have a passcode or fingerprint lock to protect their phone. So short of severing your finger, a stranger shouldn’t be able to access your personal information right?

Well as one Twitter user found out, getting past the lock screen isn’t necessary with Siri on an iPhone.

When she found the lost iPhone she decided to ask Siri some questions (which you can access from the lock screen) to help her identify the owner. Unfortunately Siri was a little too liberal with the information she gave out.



In an age where we keep so much personal information on our devices, it’s scary to think how easy it is for someone to access our details and movements. It highlights the need to be aware of security and think about what would happen if your device fell into the wrong hands.

If you have an iPhone and want to disable Siri from the lock screen, go to Settings>Touch ID>Passcode and under “Allow access when locked” turn off Siri, Todays View and Notifications View.

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