Clients reveal what they think of working with us

Written on November 19, 2014 at 10:14 PM By Strategic Group

You’ve just got to admire elite athletes. They surrender themselves for all manner of scrutiny in their relentless quest for perfection. Following their lead, we ask our clients to take part in a quarterly 'no holds barred' survey so we get an accurate picture of our performance. The latest results are in…and we’re a little bit stoked. In fact, if we were an athlete, we might be inclined to take a picture of our chiselled abs and share it on Instagram to celebrate. Instead we’ll just post a few tid bits below….

What our clients said about us...

“Recently I was asked by MYOB Relationship Manager who provided our IT support - I answered "Strategic Group" and I was asked why we didn't use Infotech? I told them we had used Infotech, but didn't find their IT support up to the standard we expected. We moved to Strategic Group where we had found their service to be highly professional, efficient and helpful - so much so we are about to re-sign another support contract with them.” Jacquelin Card, CPD Accountants

“I love working with the people at Strategic, the technicians are great people to work with, customer focused and with great personable skills!” Emma Falkenmire, FTS Financial Planning

“As our company ethos promotes we are always looking to stay “A Step Ahead” - The Strategic Group’s Vault solution allows us to live by that not only when looking at what we can do for our clients but also how we utilise our internal resources. We get to spend more time ensuring we meet our client service standards while in the background we know our dedicated support engineer is keeping us constantly up to date and hassle free. With no downtime or need for a Disaster Recovery Plan it truly is trouble free IT solution. Being a regional based firm without VAULT we would be limited to local resources and hindered by rural internet speeds – with Vault that couldn’t be further from reality. We are committed to ensuring the best results for our clients and Vault allows us to provide consistent service to our clients from any device in any state in the country – or anywhere in the world.” Jordan Dinning, GPA Accounting

“Strategic Group are amazing supporters of Wheeling & Able not only do they provide us with incredible service they are proactive in offering us the most up to date systems for our use - thank you we really appreciate all you and your team do for us.” Karen Phillips, Wheeling and Able.

“Our VAULT (Cloud Computing) project is not yet live but to date the support of key personnel has been very good, and reassuring.” Karl Penn, Eagles the Plumbing Shop

“All going well - thank you for your proactive approach in managing our IT” Debbie Innes, Addison Partners

“I find Luke and the team on the help desk very good, always accommodating with our problems and will try and find a solution.” Sue Creighton, Bimson Smith

“Great job Strategic Group.” Ross Bingham, Ronald McDonald House

“Love talking to Anthony, he is very patient with me. Also great to be able to call Tony or Mark as well. Thank you.” Coralie Sterland, Australian Property Finance





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