Why you shouldn't connect to unsecured Wi-Fi

A recent report conducted by Symantec has found that people will connect to any public Wi-Fi as long as it’s free and has a strong signal.

Cyber Insurance – Worth the paper it’s written on?

We’ve all heard of traditional insurance, but have you heard of cyber insurance?

7 productivity hacks that we use everyday

As an IT company we are always asked about what technology we’re using and what tips we have to be more productive.  The answer isn’t always easy and what tech you need to use depends on what you...

Is the cloud safe?

With all the data breaches and ransomware attacks recently it’s highlighted the need to have adequate security and processes in place to protect your data. With hackers getting smarter and scams...

Increase your productivity on the go with the Duet Display App

We often talk about the importance of flexibility and productivity in a business and solutions that you can easily implement.

How to prevent phishing in your business

Just recently it was revealed that both Facebook and Google were victims of a sophisticated phishing attack which stole $100 Million over two years. It’s surprising that two major tech companies...

Strategic Group Tech Tips - OneNote Meetings

Previously on Strategic Group Tech Tips we introduced you to using OneNote, this episode we're going to look at how OneNote can allow you to organise your meeting notes.

3 ways cloud computing can increase your productivity

Technology has helped to improve the ability for employees to collaborate and manage their time more effectively. Workplace productivity has increased an amazing 84% during the last 4 decades...

How to make your password hack proof

A password is something we use every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and because of that many of us keep it simple.

7 keyboard shortcuts that will change the way you work

Are you guilty of bad tech habits? Perhaps the routine placement of your coffee cup is one wayward hand gesture from a single origin laptop Armageddon. Maybe you don’t habitually lock your screen...

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