5 things you can do right now with technology to be more organised

We always start each day with good intentions, but by the time 5pm rolls around and it feels like we’ve been chasing our tail all day and that deadline is looming closer and closer, it can be hard...

Disaster Recovery minimises risk of ransomware

A recent report by SentinelOne called the Global Ransomware Report 2018 has uncovered some interesting findings around ransomware and the frequency of attacks.

5 reasons you need a technology strategy

Technology is being used every day to create new businesses and business models, new products and services and revolutionise existing industries. It also allows businesses to form deeper customer...

Mandatory Data Breach Notification - What you need to know

As of last week the new Mandatory Data Breach Notification laws have come into effect. This means that if there is a data breach in your business, you are required by law to notify your customers,...

Cyber Security - SMiShing set to rise in 2018

New year, new resolutions. New year, new scams.

4 ways technology can help attract top talent to your business

Technology is useful for a variety of different things, both in our personal and professional lives, it can help keep us focused, social, more productive and healthier.

What to expect from tech in 2018?

It's always hard to accurately predict what will happen in the future (that's why you never see psychics winning the lottery) but we have a few ideas on what we will be seeing in the tech space...

5 steps to successfully implementing new technology

Sometimes you can have the greatest technology in the world, spend time and money implementing it into your business, only to find the benefits are never realised.

7 must have gifts for any tech head this Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the decorations have been up in the shopping centres for weeks, the TV is trying to sell us Christmas albums and people are writing Christmas list blogs - sorry!

Should you buy a Google Pixel 2 phone?

It’s been a hectic few months for new phones, with the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Galaxy Note8 and Google Pixel 2 all being released pretty close to one another.

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