What technology will shape the accounting industry?

With every new wave of technological advancement the accounting industry has seemed to embrace and grow from these changes.

5 things you can do right now with technology to be more organised

We always start each day with good intentions, but by the time 5pm rolls around and it feels like we’ve been chasing our tail all day and that deadline is looming closer and closer, it can be hard...

Disaster Recovery minimises risk of ransomware

A recent report by SentinelOne called the Global Ransomware Report 2018 has uncovered some interesting findings around ransomware and the frequency of attacks.

What is social engineering?

You’ve probably heard the term social engineering used alongside words such as hacking, scams or phishing, but what does social engineering actually mean?

7 cool gadgets to buy yourself (or others) right now

Who needs to wait until Christmas to buy themselves something cool?

Would you ride on a bus with no driver? – You can if you’re in Melbourne

This week the first trial of La Trobe University’s new autonomous bus will take place in Melbourne, with over 1000 people expressing their desire for a ride.

Human error biggest cause of data breaches

According to new information from the Australian Information Commission (OAIC) more than half of all data breaches reported were caused by human error.

Phishing largest threat to cyber security

Microsoft have released their annual Security Intelligence Report on cyber security and have reaffirmed that phishing is still the most popular way for cyber criminals to attack organisations.

How to choose the right software for your business

There are a huge array of software providers out there that claim to solve many pain points for businesses, including increasing productivity, collaboration, profit and many other buzz words.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and the Implications for Business

At the end of this blog is a simple enough question, with serious ramifications if you can't answer it.

The recent revelations around the way Facebook handles our data is sure to shock some people...

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