61% of US population left exposed after data breach

A major data leak in the US has exposed sensitive political data on over 198 million US citizens after a firm contracted by the Republican National Committee stored files on a public Amazon server.

Is the cloud safe?

With all the data breaches and ransomware attacks recently it’s highlighted the need to have adequate security and processes in place to protect your data. With hackers getting smarter and scams...

Increase your productivity on the go with the Duet Display App

We often talk about the importance of flexibility and productivity in a business and solutions that you can easily implement.

Mandatory Notification Laws - What does it mean for your business?

By Michael Joseph, Broking Manager at Austbrokers Professional Services

The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 (Cth) (Bill) has been passed by both Houses of Parliament and has...

WannaCry - The biggest ransomware outbreak in history

Over the weekend there was a massive global cyber extortion attack that crippled some countries and left others scrambling to protect themselves.

How to prevent phishing in your business

Just recently it was revealed that both Facebook and Google were victims of a sophisticated phishing attack which stole $100 Million over two years. It’s surprising that two major tech companies...

What we can learn from the ATO’s downtime

Since last year the Australian Tax Office (ATO) has been struggling with outages on its online portal that has been causing major grief for accountants resulting in serious productivity and...

Upgrade your technology and break the upgrade cycle

 Not only does using obsolete technology stop you from receiving the latest updates, it means other vendors can’t support their software that you are running on old technology. For example, MYOB...

Strategic Group Tech Tips - OneNote Meetings

Previously on Strategic Group Tech Tips we introduced you to using OneNote, this episode we're going to look at how OneNote can allow you to organise your meeting notes.

Is this it for the laptop and PC? - How the Samsung DeX could change everything

By now you would have heard about the new Samsung S8 phone that was announced last week. You may not have heard about a little accessory that was announced alongside it, that has the potential to...

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