PowerPoint phishing email currently doing the rounds

Last week news emerged of a new phishing email doing the rounds, unlike others that try and get you to click a hyperlink, this one asks you to download a PowerPoint file.

How does the cloud improve productivity?

Cloud computing has been around for a while now and has many different benefits for both individuals and businesses.  Businesses no longer need to worry about housing huge servers in their back...

Would you be fooled by these phishing emails?

Email phishing is still the number one infection vector and is an effective tool used by cybercriminals as they can craft and distribute enticing material to both random and targeted victims.

TPB adds cyber security training to professional education

The Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) have announced that cyber security training will now be recognised as part of continuing professional education requirements. 

Why you shouldn't connect to unsecured Wi-Fi

A recent report conducted by Symantec has found that people will connect to any public Wi-Fi as long as it’s free and has a strong signal.

MYOB ending support for outdated technologies

In December of this year MYOB will cease support for Windows Server 2008r2 and SBS 2011. If you’re still using Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2, Windows 7 or Office 2010, you need to upgrade...

Cyber Insurance – Worth the paper it’s written on?

We’ve all heard of traditional insurance, but have you heard of cyber insurance?

7 productivity hacks that we use everyday

As an IT company we are always asked about what technology we’re using and what tips we have to be more productive.  The answer isn’t always easy and what tech you need to use depends on what you...

Petya - The new worldwide ransomware attack

There has been another major ransomware attack this morning with thousands of computers affected across the globe.

Victorian Police to suspend 8000 speeding tickets due to WannaCry

Last week it was reported that the WannaCry ransomware had infected 55 speed and red light cameras in Victoria, but it now seems that the infection was worse than initially thought with a further...

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