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Written by Emily Gam
on December 03, 2018

 If you’ve felt like the tinsel has been up for months now and you’ve already got Jingle Bells stuck in your head, you’re not alone! But never fear, while the 12 days of Christmas seem to get longer every year it is actually December now and its time to get some shopping done!

If you’re a good little elf you will have already started making your list, and now you’re checking it twice. If not never fear, we have 7 great gadgets for any tech head this Christmas.

Fitbit Charge 3 – $229.95Fitbit Charge 3

There seems to be a new Fitbit every year, but for people who are into their gadget and fitness this is always a winner.

The new Fitbit Charge 3 is now waterproof and can automatically detect when you’re swimming laps. It can also measure your heartrate, track your sleep and fitness activities and now can make payments with Fitbit Pay!

Coming in a range of different colours, this fitness tracker starts at $229.95

Google Home Hub - $219Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub is next addition to Google’s Smart Home range, following on rom the Google Home and Google Home Mini.

The difference with the Home Hub is that it has a large screen to display things like the weather, maps, calendar, recipes and anything really.

This is a great gift for those who love the idea of a smart home, especially if they have wifi enabled lights, or just someone who is desperately lonely.

Google is running a promotion throughout December which will knock $20 off the price.

Vector Robot by Anki - $449Vector Robot by Anki

The Vector Robot is a cute little robot that kind of looks like a bulldozer…but tiny.

Vector is a robot sidekick powered by AI so he can interact with you and his surroundings. He’ll answer your questions, take photos, set a timer and be super cute. He can take himself back for charging, navigate around objects and avoid edges.

He’s an expensive and probably unnecessary toy, but that’s what makes a great gift right?

Tile - $29.99 +Tile Tracker

A Tile tracker is the perfect gift for the person in your life that always loses things.

This small Tile is actually a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your keys, bags, wallet or anything that gets lost regularly. Using an app on your phone you can locate the Tile easily and find your misplaced belongings!

You can find these at places like JB HiFi starting at around $29

TP-Link HS110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring - $59TP Link Smart WiFi Plug

The TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so if you buy the Google Home Hub mentioned above, you will able to use them together.

With a tap on your smartphone, you can easily turn off the lights and other devices in the living room without getting out of bed, or conveniently schedule all lights to go off by midnight.

You can find these at places like JB HiFi starting at around $59

Findster Duo + - $219.99Findster Duo +

Got a family member or friend with a Houdini inspired pet? Findster Duo + may be a great gift for them!

Findster is a small GPS unit that attaches to your pet’s collar and keeps you updated via a smartphone app of their whereabouts. You can setup virtual fences that alert you if your pet has left the area and share their location with others.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless earbuds - $499.95Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless earbuds

These are not a cheap gift, but they are fantastic!

These are true wirless ear buds that don’t compromise on quality of sound. These lightweight, splash resistant ear buds come in 4 different ear tip sizes, ergonomically designed for the perfect fit. 

They are only splash proof so probably best not to use them at the gym, but they do have over 4 hours battery life and look and sound great!

Hopefully our list gives you some ideas for gifts (or for your own list!). After going through this pile of awesome tech, all I can say is shut up and take my money!

Shut up and take my money!

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