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Written by Emily Gam
on November 07, 2018

Most of us use Windows everyday either at work or home, but some of use aren’t making use of the huge amount of keyboard shortcuts within the operating system.

Using a combination of these shortcuts can really give your productivity a boost and help you improve your efficiency, as well as increasing basic security of your device and data.

1. Starting with the basics, we all know ‘Ctrl + C’ for copy and ‘Ctrl + V’ for paste, but if you want to redo or undo an entire action here’s a better shortcut. ‘Ctrl + Y’ will redo an action and ‘Ctrl + Z’ will undo your last action.

2. If you need to copy everything in a document, press ‘Ctrl + A’.

Windows Key + L
Windows Key + L

3. Best practice says that we should always lock our desktop or laptop when we walk away from our desk. This makes sure nobody has access to your emails or any applications you have open. To do this quickly, simply press ‘Windows Key + L’.

4. Want to get access to your folders and files quickly? Simply hit ‘Windows Key + E’ to open File Explorer

5. This shortcut is especially useful if you’re working on sensitive or confidential information in an office environment. ‘Windows Key + M’ minimises all open windows and brings up the desktop.

6. Following on from number 5, if you want to restore all minimised windows, simply hit ‘Windows Key + Shift + M’ and all your previously closed windows will be restored.

7. Want to easily move your apps from one monitor to another? Hit ‘Windows Key + Shift + Left/Right arrow’.

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