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Tony Trajceski

Tony is the Sales and Marketing Director at Strategic Group. He started his career in IT as an engineer in 2000 and spends his spare time trying not to drown, fall off a bike or trip over running.
23 Jul 2018
Tips | 2 min read

What is your IT Provider actually providing?

Every week I'm lucky enough to be invited into accounting firms to pro...

04 Feb 2016
News Tips | 1 min read

How to make a salesperson earn your business

A lot of times when you speak to someone like me (in sales), you can t...

16 Nov 2015
News | 2 min read

This Is Going To Be Big!

Back in September, in the early hours of the morning (Australian time)...

13 Nov 2015
Tips | 2 min read

Cloud Myth - Why do you expect to pay less for the Cloud?

The perception of the Cloud is one of the most varied in the IT world....

07 Oct 2015
News | 1 min read

Why replace your on site servers??

Most of us know that moving away from your current on-site servers to ...

07 Oct 2015
News Tips | 2 min read

Office 2016 - First Impression

If our current clients are anything to go by, the thing we are all mos...

06 Oct 2015
News Tips | 1 min read

Professional animations without the Hollywood budget

A great 30 second animated clip give prospects a good overview of who ...

29 Sep 2015
News Tips | 1 min read

When is WiFi not really WiFi on your iPhone?

With the release of the new iPhone6s and 6sPlus comes a new operating ...

10 Sep 2015
News | 3 min read

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

For those of you who are Apple FanBoys (and girls) this is a safe plac...

02 Sep 2015
News | 1 min read

3D Printers - why the fuss?

3D printers may seem new, but they have actually been around since the...

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