Google Pixel 2 XL

Should you buy a Google Pixel 2 phone?

Written on November 14, 2017 at 08:26 AM By Emily Gam

It’s been a hectic few months for new phones, with the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Galaxy Note8 and Google Pixel 2 all being released pretty close to one another.

With Apple and Samsung being the big players in the smartphone space, and each having their own loyal fan base, we thought we’d take a look at Google’s new smartphone offering.

The Pixel 2, as the name suggests, is Google’s second iteration of its smartphone.

As is standard with smartphones now, there are two verisons of the Pixel, the standard Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. Both of these iterations are water resistant, have OLED screens, Qualcomm Snapdragod 835 processers and 4GB of RAM.

As you can gather from the name, the Pixel 2 XL is the larger of the two options, at 15cm, where the Google 2 is 13cm. Both phones have a fingerprint reader on the back and Google’s now signature glass and matte back.

The obvious problem when you look at the Pixel phones, is that they’re kind of…ugly. They both have a thick bezel around the screen that makes them look immediately dated compared to the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8.

One thing Google has nailed with their new phones is the software. Without any bloated software added by Android etc, the Pixel phones can make full use of the Google’s smart programming. Google Photos silently edits photos in the background and you receive timely notifications about the weather or travel times, making the Pixel OS one of the smartest going around.

The other thing to note if you’re considering the Pixel 2, is that both models are exclusive to Telstra, so you will have to pay what Telstra dictates. You can see a comparison of their plans at WhistleOut.

Compared to the same plans for the iPhone X, both Pixel models do come out cheaper, however they are by no means cheap phones.

So, should you buy a Google Pixel 2?

If you mostly care about how your phone looks, then no.

If intelligent software is important to you, then maybe.

For most people buying a phone is a mixture of both of these things, not one or the other. The Pixel phones both have positives and negatives, and we all know the power of Google, so expect the phone to improve over time.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to Apple or Samsung, then Google’s offering might just be for you.

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