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on May 25, 2022

We’ve all been through the painful process of contacting our IT provider and being paged through to someone overseas.

They’re likely a general IT support person who knows nothing about your business and is trying to solve your problem remotely without any idea of your systems.

While this may work for some businesses, we’re living in an age where we want results fast.

Relying on a locally sourced IT provider gives you access to someone that understands your challenges, opportunities and the local industry in which you work.

What is involved with locally sourcing my IT provider?

A locally sourced IT provider has feet on the ground in your local area rather than relying on outsourced suppliers overseas.

Rather than giving out of the box solutions to your IT needs, your local supplier will have a better understanding of your business needs, the challenges of your environment, your industry and the systems and services available to you.

Before making a decision on your IT provider, do your research and ask questions that help you gauge where their staff are based.

  • Where is the IT provider based?
  • Are they a fully owned and operated local provider, or are they part of a larger company?
  • Do they provide 24-hour support?
  • Is there 24-hour support provided by people local to you, who can visit your site if needed
  • Which industries do they work in?
  • Do they work with small, medium or large businesses?
  • Do they provide other services aside from IT support?

Using a local IT provider (like us!) is the first step to improving your business’ IT.

What are some of the benefits of using a locally sourced IT provider?

The most obvious benefit to sourcing your IT provider locally is having someone on your side near your business.

Forget overseas calls with an international time difference. By sourcing locally you’re speaking to someone in the same time zone as you and who could be just around the corner from your business!

Other benefits include:

  • Having someone close by if disaster strikes
  • Working with an IT provider who understands how your business operates
  • Having someone from your local area who understands what your customers want
  • Being able to have in-person meetings (if needed)
  • Developing a strong relationship with your provider as opposed to speaking to a faceless company

IT providers, like our team, who are based in Australia will also be available for onsite support if needed, meaning you have someone on your side both online and in-person.

Identifying opportunities for growth

Aside from assisting you if an IT disaster occurs, a local IT provider can help you identify opportunities for growth.

Despite a cybercrime being reported every eight minutes in Australia, in an ideal world IT disasters would never occur, and you wouldn’t have to speak to your provider at 2am.

While we know these disasters happen, you want a provider who is more than just someone helpful in an emergency.

By using a locally sourced IT provider, you can work with a team who understands your business and wants to identify opportunities for your business to grow.

We stay on top of the latest technology and IT updates which allow us to tailor your IT solutions which can improve your business’ processes.

Whether it’s the latest cloud technology, an update to your operating system or a new product which will decrease your admin time, we want to be beneficial your business all year round – not just when disaster strikes.

So how do I find the right IT provider for me?

Like many outsourced providers for businesses, it’s often a case of shopping around to find the supplier that works best for your business. But we’ve saved you some time!

We offer a personalised IT approach to your business and have offices in NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and WA, which means we’re never too far away from your business.

Contact us to speak to a member of our team and learn how we can help your business.

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