Update your Mac to High Sierra 10.13 ASAP

Update your Mac to High Sierra 10.13 ASAP

Written on October 09, 2017 at 10:02 AM By Emily Gam

Last week Apple released an update to High Sierra 10.13, the new Mac Operating System that debuted at the end of September.

This update is a really important one. The reason being that High Sierra 10.13 had two major security bugs at launch, and this update will patch those holes.

The first security flaw could have allowed attackers to use a third party app to steal usernames and passwords from the Keychain tool that stores a user’s credentials. This means they could steal any username/password combination that is stored on your device, from banking apps to social media accounts.

The other security flaw revealed plain text passwords when using the password hint for encrypted Apple File Systems volumes. So if you had disk encryption with a password hint enabled, the plain text of your password will show up in the hint field in the Disk Utility. That is bad.

If you already created an encrypted volume before you installed the update, you’ll need to back it up, wipe the drive, reformat the File Systems volume, and then restore from the backup.

Not updating your devices can open you and your business up to massive risks as unpatched security flaws are one of the most common ways a device can be compromised.

Software is continuously being updated to fix security problems or vulnerabilities that malware or a virus could exploit. Having old software in your business could mean you’re an easy target for a hacker looking for a way in.

The new version of macOS High Sierra 10.13 is a free update for all customers who have a compatible device. The update can be downloaded using the Software Update function in the Mac App Store.  We recommend you do that ASAP.


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