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Written by Emily Gam
on May 06, 2019

The Government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has begun its search for its inaugural Chief Information Officer (CIO) to oversee what it calls “an exciting period of development and change.”

The DTA is responsible for delivering the digital services for different agencies; services such as mygov are developed by the DTA as well as digital strategies for the Government.

This is a brand new role within the DTA with the focus of ensuring the agency has “secure, reliable and stable ICT and business services” and the successful applicant expected to “lead the DTA’s ICT capability in a way that enables the DTA to achieve its strategic and operational goals.”

What is a CIO?

The role of a CIO has been around for a while now in very large technology companies, but is beginning to find popularity in other areas as business owners begin to see the value in IT strategies. Traditionally a CIO was responsible for more hands on technical work within an organisation but more modern CIO roles now focusing on IT strategy and it’s alignment with company objectives and goals.

Why does a business need a CIO?

With a constantly evolving technology landscape, it can be difficult for a business to decide what IT solution is the right fit and ensure that solution ends up with a positive ROI.

A CIO takes an overarching view of all technology projects and works to align IT with the company objectives, taking what is traditionally seen as a cost centre to a value creator.

How do I get a CIO?

Most businesses can’t afford to hire someone into such a high level role over a full-time period. This is where services such as virtual or part-time CIOs come into play. There’s been a huge increase in the number of virtual Chief Financial Officers as businesses see the value in strategic financial advice, and this the same for CIOs.

Finding the right vCIO for your business will allow you to turn IT into a strategic arm of your business and successfully drive your business goals and objectives.

Virtual CIO Services

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