Victorian Police to suspend 8000 speeding tickets due to WannaCry

Victorian Police to suspend 8000 speeding tickets due to WannaCry

Written on June 28, 2017 at 08:00 AM By Emily Gam

Last week it was reported that the WannaCry ransomware had infected 55 speed and red light cameras in Victoria, but it now seems that the infection was worse than initially thought with a further 42 cameras affected.

In light of this recent development Victoria Police have suspended 8000 speeding and red light infringement tickets and are assuming that the entire state’s fleet of cameras are infected.

Human error was the initial cause of the ransomware infection with a maintenance worker employed by camera operator RedFlex unwittingly spreading WannaCry via a USB.

RedFlex are now in hot water after it was revealed they had known about the extra compromised cameras for almost 2 weeks before informing Victoria Police, who are now reviewing their contract.

This failure to inform the affected parties would have certainly attracted fines if it had happened when the Mandatory Notification Laws were in effect.

This kind of attack highlights the need to keep your systems updated and train your staff to always be on the lookout for red flags.

Using old technology opens up your business to massive risks, either from security holes that aren’t being fixed, or the risk of software crashing and losing data because of incompatibility. 

Software is continuously being updated to fix security problems or vulnerabilities that malware or a virus could exploit. Having old software in your business could mean you’re an easy target for a hacker looking for a way in.


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