Update your Mac to High Sierra 10.13 ASAP

Last week Apple released an update to High Sierra 10.13, the new Mac Operating System that debuted at the end of September.

This update is a really important one. The reason being that High Sierra...

Everything Google announced last night

Overnight Google announced their new Pixel smartphone and a whole host of other tech goodies. There are some really cool little devices that will be available just in time for Christmas (of...

7 cyber security tips to keep you safe online

Technology is always improving and increasing threat protection, but the most common way hackers can get access to your data is through human error. Unlike machines, people get tired or get...

iPhone X or iPhone 8? All the latest devices coming soon from Apple

Last week Apple announced a list of new phones and devices. The big talk is around the iPhone X which looks so different to previous iPhones.

The best internal communication tools for your business

Communication is important. We all know that.

Knowing something is important however, doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to implement it.

When is it time to upgrade your technology?

We’re always being told to upgrade to the next latest and greatest technology, whether it’s a new phone, computer or car. Sometimes being the first to upgrade can backfire (literally), just ask...

PowerPoint phishing email currently doing the rounds

Last week news emerged of a new phishing email doing the rounds, unlike others that try and get you to click a hyperlink, this one asks you to download a PowerPoint file.

How does the cloud improve productivity?

Cloud computing has been around for a while now and has many different benefits for both individuals and businesses.  Businesses no longer need to worry about housing huge servers in their back...

Would you be fooled by these phishing emails?

Email phishing is still the number one infection vector and is an effective tool used by cybercriminals as they can craft and distribute enticing material to both random and targeted victims.

TPB adds cyber security training to professional education

The Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) have announced that cyber security training will now be recognised as part of continuing professional education requirements. 

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