What to expect from tech in 2018?

It's always hard to accurately predict what will happen in the future (that's why you never see psychics winning the lottery) but we have a few ideas on what we will be seeing in the tech space...

5 steps to successfully implementing new technology

Sometimes you can have the greatest technology in the world, spend time and money implementing it into your business, only to find the benefits are never realised.

7 must have gifts for any tech head this Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the decorations have been up in the shopping centres for weeks, the TV is trying to sell us Christmas albums and people are writing Christmas list blogs - sorry!

Should you buy a Google Pixel 2 phone?

It’s been a hectic few months for new phones, with the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Galaxy Note8 and Google Pixel 2 all being released pretty close to one another.

Our best productivity tips, hacks and apps of 2017

It’s getting towards the pointy end of the year and that means we’re all trying to get as much done as we can.  Even though it’s a busy time of the year, it can be the best time to take a step...

7 cyber security tips to keep you safe online

Technology is always improving and increasing threat protection, but the most common way hackers can get access to your data is through human error. Unlike machines, people get tired or get...

The best internal communication tools for your business

Communication is important. We all know that.

Knowing something is important however, doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to implement it.

When is it time to upgrade your technology?

We’re always being told to upgrade to the next latest and greatest technology, whether it’s a new phone, computer or car. Sometimes being the first to upgrade can backfire (literally), just ask...

How does the cloud improve productivity?

Cloud computing has been around for a while now and has many different benefits for both individuals and businesses.  Businesses no longer need to worry about housing huge servers in their back...

Would you be fooled by these phishing emails?

Email phishing is still the number one infection vector and is an effective tool used by cybercriminals as they can craft and distribute enticing material to both random and targeted victims.

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